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15:49:19, Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Ekaterinburg today

Ekaterinburg today
Ekaterinburg today

Nowadays Ekaterinburg is the third biggest and important Russian city after Moscow and St. Petersburg and also is administrative centre of Sverdlovsk oblast and the capital of the Urals. The city status is confirmed by its multifunctionality. It combines material, economic parts of city's life (such as industry, science, trade, transport) as well as cultural ones. All this provides constant development of the city.

Sverdlovsk Region is one of the most developed and advanced regions in Russia. It is very rich in minerals and raw materials - the main industries are heavy machinery and metallurgy. It has such industrial giants as Uralmash, Uraltransmash, Uralkhimash, Uralelectromash. Also this city has cultural, scientific and educational potential, due to a great number of universities.

Ekaterinburg lies at the crossroad of 2 continents and this determines its political, economic and cultural peculiarities. It is the capital of the Ural Federal District, which covers an area of about 2 million sq. km. Moreover, Ekaterinburg is an important, influential financial centre. And it is the largest transport centre in Russia with an extensive network of railways, 2 airports, 2 bus terminals and metro.

The Soviet period brought new trends to Ekaterinburg's architecture: luxury and rationalism, which reflected the influence of both ideology and asceticism. New tendencies in the development of world architecture have also affected the city. Some of the most well known of these structures include the Military Headquarters, the Urals Federal University, the Railway Administrative Building, and the Philharmonic Society.

Today Ekaterinburg is a fashionable city with stylish people who act as role models and trendsetters that  have helped to form the culture of quality 'LUXE' consumption. Various  shops and magazines make it possible for citizens to develop and form their own styles. There are all the signs in place for the successful development of the fashion industry in Ekaterinburg. The favorable conditions for the city's designers to sell their clothes in the region is necessary for further development of the fashion industry in the city.  

This capital of the Urals is an administrative, transport, commercial, trading, scientific and cultural centre. Now it is in the list of 10 most attractive Russian regions from the tourist and business point of view. Ekaterinburg ranks among 12 ideal world cities because of its architecture, combination of old wooden houses, architectural ensembles, churches of the 18th and 19th centuries and modern buildings. That is why every year the city attracts many tourists due to more than 600 historical and cultural monuments.

Today Ekaterinburg possesses industrial, scientific and cultural potential. When you go outside the city you see beautiful city rich in sights - you may visit a wide range of museums, theatres, cinemas, clubs and restaurants for your enjoyment. People here are traditional, open and friendly. Ekaterinburg industry is based on unique high-end technology, and as a result, new high-precious equipment is produced. It has favorable geographical and political position, as it is situated on the border between Europe and Asia.

These factors create further trends for the city successful development in the 21st century.

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