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Location - between Europe and Asia

The symbol of Europe and Asia
The symbol of Europe and Asia

Embodying the image of the new Russia, Ekaterinburg is one of the largest and the most dynamic cities in the country. It is an administrative capital of Sverdlovsk oblast and the Ural Federal District and an important centre for industry, transport, finance, science and culture. Lying in the middle of the Eurasian continent, where Europe meets Asia. The city has a latitude of 56°50' North and a longitude of 60°35' East. It is located on the eastern slopes of the Ural Ridge on the Iset River, which is a tributary of the Tobol River in the Ob River basin.

This region has a moderately continental climate, where winters are cold and summers can be rather hot.

The Middle Ural combines peculiarities of both the North and the South Urals. The heart of the Middle Ural is the city Ekaterinburg, the capital of Ural region.

Ekaterinburg is situated in the very centre of the vast Eurasian continent, in that part of the Ural Mountains, which is considered to be a natural boundary between Europe and Asia. This city has an official status of the Ural capital. Ekaterinburg is situated on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, which are not very high in this area (no higher than 400 meters above the sea). The Ural Mountains range runs from the North to the South for more than 2000 km. It is surrounded by the hills covered with coniferous and deciduous wood. Lowlands are covered with bogs and lakes. Forests around the city are rich with mushrooms, berries and herbs. Geographical surroundings are presented with beautiful forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. Some of them are unique places of interests.

Ekaterinburg - the largest city on overland border of Europe and Asia. It has unique geographical position, it stands on the border between Europe and Asia. Here it is possible to get from Europe to Asia and back, having made only one step. The border of parts of the world - a unique geographical place is in seventeen kilometres from the city. ). In August, 2004 the symbol of Europe and Asia has been established. It stands to the east from the station Vershina (Peak). In the symbol basis two stones symbolising unification of two parts of the world are put in pawn: one has been brought from the most extreme point of Europe - cape Roca, another - from the edge of the Asian part of continent - cape Dezhnev.

Ekaterinburg is two hours ahead of Moscow and 6 hours ahead of Greenwich. The distance between Moscow and Ekaterinburg is 1667 km. A flight from Moscow to Ekaterinburg takes 2 hours, while a train trip takes from 26 to 30 hours.

Ural is famous for its pictures views. Deep lakes with clear water, swift rivers, imposing mountains with sharp peaks rising to the sky, birch and pine woods are worth seeing. You may climb mountains, have a rest at the lakeside or just wander the lanes of the birch grove.

Everyone who opens beauty of the Ural nature will not forget it.

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