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Sverdlovsk oblast is rich with natural recourses. Both quantity and variety of recourses make this region important. Iron, copper, bauxite, coal, nickel, chrome, manganese are mined here.

Sverdlovsk oblast is considered to be the basic source of raw materials for aluminum industry. Besides it is the only vanadium producer in Russia, because it makes 97% of vanadium production in Russian Federation. Moreover, Sverdlovsk oblast takes the first place in iron ore production.

The considerable part of the region's territory (about 66%) is covered by forest and woods. The basis of regional economy is traditionally formed by metallurgy and mineral resource industry together with machine-building and power industry. These brunches of industry make up 82% of the overall output.

Defense industry occupies a highly important place in the region's economy.

Chemical, timber, woodworking, paper, light and food industry are also highly developed.

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